Generic Levitra tablets for men

generic levitra

Generic Levitra is a popular and promising drug for combating sexual impotence, successfully competing with its counterparts. It was developed in Germany. The effectiveness of Levitra is significantly higher in comparison with other similar drugs. Its safety is proved in the course of multiple clinical trials.

For the treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction, in which a man can not achieve an erection and save it, levitra is applied, the instruction indicates that the drug intensifies weak excitation and causes an erection in its complete absence.

Despite the fact that the medicine appeared only recently, it managed to get a significant number of favorable responses and gain fans.

If you need a Levitra, you can buy generic Levitra it in tablets, 20 mg of active substance in each. The back side of the blister contains information about the shelf life of the tablets and the composition.

The active substance of generic Levitra is vardenafil. It is characterized by rapid absorption and penetration into the blood, due to which the effect of the drug is manifested after 30-45 minutes after generic levitra

Principle of action generic Levitra

If you are still hesitant to buy generic Levitra, note that it does not affect the brain. It simply improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, due to which a full erection is achieved. This has nothing to do with artificial excitement. Erection remains the result of your natural desire. Levitra provides you with:

  • improvement of potency;
  • longer sexual intercourse;
  • rapid recovery of an erection after orgasm.
  • The medicine starts working after 20-35 minutes after administration. The effect lasts 10-12 hours.

Who should take the drug?

The drug is given to men of different ages, to improve the quality of sexual life. Increases the level of testosterone in the blood, is engaged in the restoration of potency.
It compacts the erection, and increases the duration of the sexual act.
It greatly increases the severity of sexual feelings during intimacy.

How much is enough for 1 tablet?

Generic Levitra 20 mg works within 12 hours after administration, and during this time causes during no less than 5, not more than 10 erections with an optimal duration of 30 – 60 minutes each.

How to use Generic Levitra?

One tablet, covered with a yellow coating, contains 20 mg of the active substance. The standard dosage is 10-20 mg of vardenafil per day. The necessary dose is chosen by the doctor in accordance with the individual characteristics of the body of a man, his age, the presence of additional pathologies, as well as general health. Dosage can be either increased or decreased at the physician’s discretion. The tablet is washed down with clean water. Tablets can be consumed together with alcohol-containing drinks (in a small amount), and also regardless of the intake of food and its fat content.

Are there any side effects?

This question interests all of our potential customers. Let’s hasten to calm – the generic levitra is practically harmless to the body. Side effects are very insignificant and can be expressed by such symptoms: slight reddening of the face, headache, dizziness, increased blood pressure, runny nose, stomach disorders.

What are the contraindications for the drug?

Generic Levitra is a medicament that has some contraindications to the use. Unconditional contraindications include individual intolerance to vardenafil, the intake of nitrates, acute cardiovascular pathologies, severe atherosclerosis, the presence of tumors of a carcinogenic nature, the age of 18 years. With caution use men with kidney and liver failure, recently suffered a heart attack or stroke. It is undesirable to take those with a stomach ulcer, stable hypotension, poor blood coagulation, stenocardia, deformation of the generic levitra online

Advantages of the medicine

The popularity of Levitra is determined by its merits:

  • Available in any pharmacy in Kiev or other major cities in the country;
  • is effective in the treatment of erectile abnormalities in the sexes suffering from diabetes mellitus-1 or diabetes mellitus (diabetes mellitus);
  • quickly acts;
  • retains the effect for at least 4 hours;
  • helps men of any age category;
  • can be used in conjunction with small doses of alcoholic beverages;
  • in online pharmacies you can buy an inexpensive generic, which is much more profitable compared to traditional means;
  • does not have a harmful effect on male genital function, does not affect the motility of spermatozoa;
  • is effective regardless of the reception and nature of the food.

Do not take Levitra with other means for an erection. Also, do not combine it with drugs that contain nitrates.