Levitra 20mg: best choice

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Levitra 20mg is a popular effective remedy to eliminate sexual impotence. Developed in Germany, this drug has successfully competed with other similar drugs. Levitra is much more effective than other drugs of similar effect, and its safety is confirmed by multiple clinical studies.
Generic Levitra 20mg is identical in composition and functions to the original drug, but due to the lack of costs for testing and advertising already conducted, its cost is much lower than the famous brand drug. The effectiveness of the generic is no different from the original, but makes the medicine available for any budget.

In the process of sexual arousal, blood enters the tissues of the penis, which causes an erection. However, failures of the operation of the vessels in the pelvic region block the blood supply to the penis, and as a result, erectile dysfunction occurs. Vardenafil contained in Levitra relaxes the musculature of the cavernous bodies and expands the arteries of the penis, greatly increasing the capacity of the latter. This creates normal conditions for the natural onset of an erection with the appropriate excitation of a man.

What the generic Levitra 20mg consists of

The active ingredient of generic Levitra is the substance of vardenafil. It is very quickly absorbed and penetrates into the blood, due to which the effect of taking the drug is observed after thirty-forty-five minutes. Also, the preparation includes auxiliary components that reduce the risk of adverse reactions.

Benefits of the drug. What is so good about this generic?

• A balanced formula provides maximum effect.
• Duration of action (more than a day!).
• Minor side effects.
• Efficacy even in severe forms of erectile dysfunction.

Effect of the drug. The drug acts on the cerebral cortex and causes natural sexual arousal during sexual stimulation. Please note: erection occurs only in a natural way, so you will not get into an embarrassing situation.buy generic levitra

Generic Levitra: like Viagra, only slightly better

Generic Levitra acts like a local muscle relaxant, facilitating the flow of blood to the penis, resulting in:
• ease in achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient for a full sexual intercourse;
• a more vivid and intense orgasm;
• extraordinary hardness of erection.

In addition, some users of Levitra 20mg noted an increase in the size of the penis, which is explained by the more intensive blood supply of the latter.

Comparing generic Levitra with Viagra, it should be noted that the first is designed for a slightly wider audience. So, it can be used by men with a burdened anamnesis, including diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2, arterial hypertension, elevated blood cholesterol level, surgical interventions on the prostate gland. Some patients noted that over time Viagra partially lost its effectiveness, and in such cases it was helped by its replacement with generic Levitra. Viagra is produced in higher dosages than Levitra: 25 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg against 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg. This reduces the likelihood of developing negative side reactions when taking the latter.

With regard to the speed of the inclusion of generic Levitra in the work, the instruction states that the

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drug should be taken 1 hour before the planned sexual activity, but numerous clinical trials indicate an earlier onset of its action. The advantage of the generic Levitra is the possibility of taking it along with moderately fatty foods, while Viagra is recommended for taking only on an empty stomach. The duration of action of drugs vardenafil averagely 4.5 hours, although some users noted the preservation of the corresponding pharmacological effects within 12 hours.

Method of reception

Take the generic simply: half an hour before sexual intercourse, drink half of the pill (drink better with plain water). The maximum allowable dosage is one tablet per day. It is not recommended to combine Levitra and alcohol. Otherwise, there is an increased load on the liver and the cardiovascular system, which leads to complications. For the same reason, you should not combine the reception of generic with oily and heavy food.

Indications for use

When is it recommended to buy Levitra 20mg? The main indication is erectile dysfunction in various stages of its development. Constant stress, an incorrect way of life, diseases of the genitourinary system can deprive a man of the main confirmation of his masculinity – full potency. Want to fix this situation? Use the modern generic from reliable manufacturers!


Levitra is a relatively safe drug, but it also has certain contraindications, namely:

• Heart failure and other cardiac pathologies.
• A recent stroke or heart attack.
• The minor age.
• Curvature or other abnormalities of the reproductive organ.

Dosage of the Levitra

In one tablet of the generic is 40 mg of active ingredient, that is, it is an exceptionally powerful tool for your erection!
The recommended dose of generic Levitra is ten to twenty milligrams, which must be taken thirty-fifty minutes before the alleged sexual contact, washed down with water. In no case should you take more than one pill per day.

If a man takes medications such as itrocanazole, ketoconazole or erythromycin, the maximum daily dosage of Levitra is five milligrams. Levitra can be combined with alcoholic beverages and fatty foods – this can delay the onset of the effect, but will not weaken it and will not shorten its duration.
It is recommended to start taking the drug from the initial dose in an amount of 10 mg.

For men over 65 years, as well as men with moderate disorders of the liver and / or kidneys, the initial dose is 5 mg, which can be increased to 10 mg if necessary and well tolerated. The maximum daily dose of Levitra should not exceed 20 mg. Such dosing is permissible with a mild effect after taking 10 mg of the drug, with diabetes or prostatecosis. Due to the individual characteristics of each male body, as well as the personal tolerability of Levitra, suitable dosing is often determined by the man himself by trial and error. But in any case, before starting to use it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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 Side effects

Order the generic Levitra in our pharmacy without fear, because with the correct application of side effects does not occur. In rare cases, there is a rapid heartbeat, a disorder of the stool, reddening of the skin. If such phenomena do not pass, it makes sense to try another stimulant for potency.

Interaction with other drugs. It is not recommended to combine Levitra with other stimulants (including plant-based), as well as with antidepressants and psychotropic drugs. If you take a potent drug, it is recommended that you consult a specialist before using the generic.

Special instructions

The drug is taken regardless of food. An effective level of sexual stimulation is necessary for the effectiveness of treatment. Before prescribing the drug, you need to assess the state of the cardiovascular system because of the risk of complications from the heart during sexual activity.

Levitra is not recommended for patients with congenital lengthening of the QT interval and taking antiarrhythmic drugs of class IA or class III. It is not recommended to take the drug in combination with other treatments for erectile dysfunction, since such cases have not been studied.

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Against the background of taking the drug, transient loss of vision and non-arterial ischemic neuropathy of the optic nerve are possible. In this case, it is recommended to stop taking the medication and consult a doctor.

In combination with alpha-adrenoblockers, it is possible to develop arterial hypotension, therefore Levitra’s appointment is possible only with stable blood pressure indicators against the background of their intake. In this case, the drug can be prescribed only in a dose of 5 mg. The maximum dosage of 5 mg is recommended when taking erythromycin, clarithromycin, ketonazole, itraconazole. The dose of the last two drugs should not exceed 200 mg. Contraindicated simultaneous use with indinavir and ritonavir. Levitra does not affect the duration of bleeding, including in combination with acetylsalicylic acid. The active substance does not increase the platelet aggregation caused by the intake of other drugs.


Levitra, as already mentioned above, is designed to increase the male potency. This drug has a doubled concentration of active ingredient vardenafil. “Levitra” is prescribed for men with high weight and reduced sensitivity of vardenafil. Taking the drug course, the patient eliminates all violations of sexual functions, gets rid physically and psychologically from doubts in their abilities. The concentration of active substances in the drug is very large, so take it by half the tablet.

The effect will be felt 10-15 minutes after taking the pill, and it will last up to 6-7 hours. “Levitra” is a safe and very effective drug.