Levitra comes to the rescue

Levitra is a new generation drug

The emergence and treatment of erectile dysfunction is always associated with side effects of levitra psychological stress and emotional experiences. The drug called “Levitra” appeared on the market of medicines not so long ago. Looking at the opinions of people who have undergone the appropriate course of treatment, you can form your own idea of ​​its effectiveness. To a person who suffers from such a disorder, it is very important to know how the medicine works and whether it is worth spending money on acquiring it. At the same time he hopes for a quick and positive result. For such hopes, he has every reason.

Levitra was developed and tested in clinical conditions after the existing drugs, according to doctors, confirmed their insufficient effectiveness. The requirements that must correspond to such a preparation are as follows:

  • direct action;
  • absence of side effects;
  • minimum of contraindications.

It should be taken only when there are clear signs of frustration and not otherwise. Previously used medicines had an effect not only on the erection, but also on the cardiovascular system, the gastrointestinal tract and other organs. This significantly limited the scope of their application.

To date, there is ample evidence that Levitra is the best medicine.

Since the moment when the drug was created and clinically tested it took many years. Monitoring of its effectiveness did not stop even for a minute. All feedback and criticisms were clearly recorded and analyzed. This process continues and will continue in the future. In this context, it is pertinent to note side effects of levitrathat men of different ages took part in clinical trials. Up to ninety years. The causes that cause the breakdown of sexual function, can be very different.

The dosage of the drug was determined by experiment, which brings the maximum effect. Reviews of men who took the drug, say that more than eight percent of patients felt improved potency. If the levitra is taken under the supervision of a doctor, then its side effects of levitra effectiveness increases to 92%. In this case, the dosage is selected individually. From which follows a completely logical conclusion – self-treatment should not be engaged. You need to trust the specialist and coordinate with him all the medical procedures. The fact that men feel weakening of an erection, panic.

They panic and start buying and using any drug they learned about. In each pharmacy you can find several drugs of this action. In addition to this, much has been said about popular means of strengthening “male” strength. The description of all such potions and additives will take up a lot of space. However, positive feedback on the effectiveness of all these tools, are not found often. In this case, people who helped the levitra, are very common. From all that has been said, it must be concluded that we should not flatter the fever even in the most neglected situations. The most correct decision will be a visit to a specialist.

For information, it makes sense to bring and such data – Levitra returned to active sexual life of men who have removed the prostate gland. About seventy percent of these patients felt a positive effect when taking this drug. It also helps those who suffer from diabetes. It should be noted one more feature of this medication – the Levitra is not addictive. The body, as they say, does not require a constant increase in the dose of the drug. In this property is its important dignity.

Indications for use Levitra

Levitra is a drug that is designed to treat impotence. At present, this disorder is called erectile dysfunction. The main element that is contained in the medication is vardenafil. The effect of the drug is that it suppresses the action of a particular enzyme. In order not to overload the side effects of levitra text with specific terms, it suffices to say that this group of enzymes is called phosphodiesterase. Forming in the body for various reasons, they have a negative effect on the state of the vessels. And including the blood vessels of the penis.

As a consequence of this influence, the physiological mechanism of erection begins to act worse and worse. Levitra, as they say, inhibits the activity of phosphodiesterase. As a result of this depression, the smooth muscle layer of the vessels is relaxed. Which, in turn, leads to an increase in blood flow to the tissues of the penis. Thus there is a steady erection at which the full sexual intercourse occurs. Vardenafil has a high selectivity of action in relation to a particular type of phosphodiesterase. And neither does it act on other enzymes that regulate the functions of other organs in the body.

The drug is recommended to take half an hour before the alleged sexual intercourse. The patients’ testimonies confirm that the maximum effect of vardenafil action occurs approximately in an hour. The period during which the half-life of the drug occurs from the body is between four and six hours. Levitra is excreted from the body, mainly through the intestines and to a small extent by the kidneys. People of the elderly and those who have lowered kidney and liver function can not be afraid of taking the medicine. The main thing is to strictly follow all side effects of levitra the recommendations of the observing doctor.

Mode of application

The drug is used in the case when a person can not achieve or maintain a sufficient erection for sexual intercourse. Levitra is intended for oral administration. The tablet, covered with a shell, is swallowed whole and washed down with the necessary amount of water or other liquid. The medication is taken without reference to food intake. You can swallow it before eating, you can – after. To achieve maximum effect, the drug is taken for half an hour – an hour before sexual activity. Do not strain too hard, calculating the accuracy of the reception by the minute. It is necessary to act without fanaticism and simply to know that vardenafil acts not instantaneously, but after a certain period of time.

Tablet can be taken and hours for 3 – 4 goodbye. It is important to remember that to achieve the desired result requires appropriate sexual stimulation. A partner must be attractive. If the levitra is taken for prophylaxis, without a specifically designated and targeted partner, it is about traditionally oriented men, then the expected effect may not occur. It is important to emphasize once again that the dose of the drug should be determined by a specialist after consultation and examination. The testimonies of grateful patients show that levitra is an effective stimulant.

Side effects of Levitra

Like any medicine, Levitra can cause all sorts of side effects. Many years of practice showed that the drug is tolerated well by patients. In this case, the feedback received about the unpleasant sensations and disorders was carefully examined and subjected to detailed analysis. Some people felt a headache and a sleep disorder. Thus, the nervous system reacted to the excitation. To this list, you can add dizziness, contraindications levitrafatigue and memory problems, convulsions. There were “jumps” of blood pressure, attacks of angina.

The respiratory system reacted to the preparation with a runny nose and swelling of the nasal mucosa. When the levitra is taken, you need to know that the digestive tract can react to such a technique is not adequate. Some patients talked about nausea and side effects of levitra vomiting. They have increased activity of liver enzymes. Gastritis worsened. In some people, increased intraocular pressure, photophobia, impaired color perception. The reaction of this property is necessary for those men who regularly drive a car. With all the phenomena mentioned, the patients’ reviews were overwhelmingly positive.

In this context, I must say about the allergic reaction of the male body. Levitra can cause hives, bronchospasm, Quincke’s edema and other similar and undesirable reactions. These include prolonged erections and priapism. The latter condition can generally lead to serious damage to the tissues of the penis and a prolonged impairment of the potency. All possible consequences are desirable to make inquiries in advance. Self-medication can be dealt with only as a last resort, when in the nearest district there is no specialist of this profile. In normal living conditions, you should always consult a doctor. In case of unpredictable consequences it is necessary to come to him in an emergency order.

Contraindications Levitra

The main component of the Levitra drug is vardenafil, which can cause allergy or intolerance in a particular person. From this position follows the first rule – the drug is not assigned to people who do not tolerate it or other constituents of the side effects of levitra medication. This enzyme is not used in medicines for women and children. Those patients who already take nitrates as medicines for other diseases and disorders, Levitra is not prescribed. This is well known to the attending physician, but you need to know the patient.

From everyday practice it is known that a person weakened by various ailments is not recommended to show sexual activity. This category includes people who have recently suffered a heart attack or stroke. Unstable angina and hypertension also serve as a limiting factor for taking the drug. The opinions expressed by both doctors and patients confirm these limitations.

Every man who comes to the conclusion that he needs help, should find out everything possible about the treatment and its consequences. First of all, the pharmacological properties of the drug should side effects of levitra be studied. Then recommendations for use and feedback from those who received treatment. Levitra is an effective and time-tested drug. However, take it with extreme caution. And then the desired result will be achieved.