Levitra: how to choose Levitra?

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If you want the medicine to really help you and not cause undesirable consequences buy levitra for the body, you must carefully approach the choice of stimulant.

First of all, decide on the dosage. The drug is available in several versions – 5, 10 and 20 mg. This means that in one tablet there is an appropriate amount of active ingredient – vardenafil. Practice shows that the amount of the active ingredient does not affect the effectiveness of the drug, but different dosages are prescribed for different stages of erectile dysfunction. If you are taking the drug for the first time, it is recommended to start with a minimum dose of 5 mg. If the expected effect was too weak, you can gradually increase the dosage (20 mg per day – the maximum allowable amount). You buy levitra can also buy several tablets at the same time with different concentrations of active ingredient. Please note: Do not take more than one tablet a day.

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Another urgent issue is where to buy the medicine. Buy Levitra is recommended in large pharmacy chains that have a license for their activities. Buying in unknown small pharmacies is a risky business: you can get a fake.

Have you decided to buy Levitra in an online pharmacy?

This is much more profitable, because the purchase of products in this case will be anonymous, in addition, you do not require a prescription. Practice shows that potency stimulants in online pharmacies are much cheaper than similar drugs at conventional drugstores. However, choose only proven and known sites that also have product certificates (consult the consultant or the relevant sections of the online resource).

What to choose – a generic or an original drug?

In this case, it makes sense to pay attention to generics, which are developed according to a similar formula with the original drug. Differences can only be in the design of packaging, color and taste of tablets, but not in efficiency. By the way, many doctors advise their patients to buy generics from trusted manufacturers (for example, from Indian pharmacological companies).

If you are taking a medicine for the first time, choose a traditional preparation that is available in tablets. The duration of such a tool is about 5-6 hours, but this is an excellent option for beginners who have just begun to evaluate the merits of Levitra in practice. Do you want to try something more efficient and convenient? In this case, you will use Levitra Soft in the form of soluble tablets: this will allow you to buy levitra unnoticed from the partner to put the pill in your mouth, after which she melt within a few minutes. The duration of this drug is already 12 hours.


Thus, the choice of Levitra depends on your material abilities and individual characteristics of the organism. When buying such a drug to stimulate the potency it is recommended to consult with the treating specialist: the doctor will help you choose the right dosage.

Do I need a prescription when buying a drug?

Many men are wondering whether it is possible to buy Levitra without a prescriptionAccording to the rules established by the current legal norms, this medication should be dispensed by prescription, that is before its reception you should receive the corresponding conclusion from the doctor and preliminary pass medical examinations.

But is it really so?

Indeed, in most state-owned large pharmacies you will require a prescription when buying, so finding the right pharmacy is not so easy. Nevertheless, many private drugstores close their eyes to the lack of a prescription and sell Levitra without it.

Another option to buy a potentia stimulant without a permit paper from a doctor is to buy at an online pharmacy. In this case, the drug will be delivered to you by buy levitra mail or courier, which will not require anything from you.

Despite the fact that the acquisition of Levitra without a prescription is a matter of no particular difficulty, we recommend that you consult a specialist before such treatment.

Contraindications and side effects

Taking Levitra is in most cases safe for health, but there are also limitations in which you should refrain from using this stimulant. Here are the main contraindications:

  1. Severe diseases of the heart and vascular system. Severe pathologies include a stroke or a heart attack (you can not take Levitra within six months after the development of these diseases, then the drug is taken under the condition of the patient’s normal state of health and full recovery of brain levitraactivity and motor functions), cardiac decompensation, heart defects.
  2. Heavy pathology of the liver and kidneys (hepatic and renal failure, cirrhosis).
  3. Congenital abnormalities of the genital organ (eg phimosis). Increased pressure in the cavernous bodies in this case may adversely affect the patient’s condition and worsen the course of the disease.
  4. Increased or low blood pressure, especially if this condition occurs buy levitra frequently and has become chronic.
  5. Individual intolerance of the acting or auxiliary components, which can lead to allergic reactions.
  6. The minor age. Patients under the age of 18 years are not recommended to take this medication because of the unformed reproductive system.

As you can see Contraindications Levitra is not so much: basically it is a question only of serious diseases, whereas with minor ailments the drug does not have on your body any harm.

With regard to side effects, the practice shows that with a correctly calculated dosage and no contraindications, they occur rarely. Sometimes you can see the redness of the skin, which is explained by the activation of blood circulation in the body. Tachycardia, that is, heart palpitations, is another common side effect. Pain in the abdomen and digestive disorders (bloating, diarrhea, nausea) are more rare.

With individual intolerance of the components, allergic reactions may appear in the form of rash, itching, redness of the skin and swelling. Most side effects go away on their own within a few minutes after taking. If such symptoms do not go away or worsen, or if there is a pronounced allergic reaction, it is necessary to take the help of a specialist who will prescribe the appropriate treatment (gastric lavage, taking antihistamines, in case of a severe overdose it is possible to maintain vital signs of the patient).


When the dosage is exceeded (for example, if the patient takes 40 mg or more), severe pain in the lumbar region often occurs, with no toxic effects on muscle and bone tissue.

Interesting fact:

some experts note that the effectiveness of Levitra becomes slightly weaker if it is taken by the patient in the elderly (over 60 years). This can be explained by a decrease in the endurance of the organism.

Interaction with other drugs

Before taking the drug, be sure to tell the specialist which medications you are taking: some of them may be incompatible with Levitra, which will increase the risk of side effects!

With the simultaneous interaction with Erythromycin, Levitra’s action increases several times, which can lead to undesirable phenomena. At simultaneous buy levitra admission with Ritonavir (and other similar antiviral drugs) Levitra concentration in the body increases by 30 times.

Simultaneous reception of a stimulant and antidepressants leads to a decrease in the effectiveness of drugs, as well as to depressing effects on the central nervous system. The same goes for psychotropic drugs and antipsychotics. If you take adrenoblockers at the same time as the stimulant, you must constantly monitor blood pressure indicators – they should be stable.

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If you are taking a medication like Terazosin, you need to observe a six-hour time interval between taking Levitra and this drug.

Can I drink Levitra with alcohol or grapefruit juice?

Experts answer this question in different ways, since the compatibility of drugs and grapefruit juice is quite controversial. Some argue that the large amount of acids contained in citrus juices prevents the normal absorption of active substances. A separate group of specialists believes that it is possible to drink tablets with such juice, and this will not lead to a decrease in effectiveness.

With alcohol, everything is much simpler: it is not recommended to take Levitra and alcohol at the same time, if you have at least the slightest health problems. A healthy person can drink a glass of wine, but try to have a time interval between at least half an hour between this glass and the pill.


A large number of alcoholic beverages in combination with Levitra can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of the drug and a heavy load on the liver and heart.


Thus, Levitra is an effective potentia stimulant, which can help you even with serious impairments of erectile function (for example, with prostatitis or diabetes mellitus). You can take this medication not only for treatment: one tablet – and all your temporary difficulties with potency buy levitra due to fatigue or bad mood will be lost. You can buy generic Levitra at an affordable price in online pharmacies: in the catalogs are presented tablets in various dosages, including options that dissolve in the oral cavity. The choice of a suitable dosage is carried out by a specialist after preliminary examinations: the doctor will find out how long you have an erection disorder, what medications you take, and what concomitant diseases you have.