Reviews men and doctor’s comments about Levitra

doctor's comments about Levitra

In the event that a man suffers from various disorders and dysfunctions of the doctor’s comments about levitra genital area, the Generic Levitra may come to the rescue, but only under the prescription of the attending physician. The main advantage of such a drug is the world-famous and well-known manufacturer Bayer. It has a number of certificates and proven efficacy on clinical trials.

In addition, the tool has one more competitively beneficial plus – a minimal list of contraindications, a prolonged action, when compared with other analogs. On the example of many men it is proved repeatedly that the correct use of Levitra tablets helps to restore sexual activity, even if it is a matter of pronounced impotence. In addition, the presence of many concomitant diseases are not contraindications to the drug.

Composition and properties

Tablets Levitra for men in its composition suggest an active substance and a number of auxiliary components. One such tablet contains 5-10-20 mg of vardenafil, it is this component that helps cope with the dysfunction of the reproductive system. As additional substances are:

  • magnesium stearate;
  • silicium dioxide coloidal anhydrous;
  • microcrystalline cellulose;
  • hypromelose;
  • macrogol 400;
  • E 171 or titanium dioxide;
  • E 171 or iron oxide yellow;
  • E 172 iron oxide red;
  • crospovidone;

Blisters with tablets suggest the presence of 1 piece with a dosage of 5 mg, 1 unit with a dosage of 10 and 20 mg, as well as 4 pieces with a dosage of 10 and 20 mg, respectively.

Vardenafil causes the main property of the drug, that is, this component enhances the release of endogenous nitric oxide, thanks to which the smooth muscles in the area of ​​the cavernous bodies of the penis relax, and the development of those chemical components that cause the outflow of blood from the genital organs stops and stops. Thus, a man achieves an erection more easily, retains its strength and stability longer, and also receives much more sensations from sexual intercourse.

Levitra: instructions for use

Tablets are taken orally, without binding the therapy to meals. The initial dosage is 10 mg of the active ingredient. If a man needs an erection, take a pill about 15-25 minutes before the proximity to the woman. You can also take the pill and long before the contacts, in about 5 hours. But you need to remember that the drug came into force, the man needs sexual stimulation.

Given the tolerability of the body and the digestibility of such tablets, the dose doctor’s comments about levitra can be adjusted, increased to 20 mg, as needed, reduced to 5 mg. Here, the individuality of the male body and the effect of therapy play a special role. Take the pill only once a day. In elderly men, people with renal or hepatic insufficiency, dose adjustment is not necessary.

Levitra: reviews of men

Over the past three years, after the appearance of the first problems with potencies, I tried many different pills, from synthetic tablets to miracle herbs. Nothing helped, the herbs gave a weak result and only after a long time, and the pills caused many side effects. Levitra is just a find for my fastidious organism, the erection does not fail any more, I have not identified any consequences of the procedure so far.

Undoubtedly, Levitra is able to lift the penis even in the most neglected cases. But who needs a doctor's comments about levitratemporary effect for such a decent amount? Personally, I do not consider it appropriate to spend money on a drug that does not heal, but only eliminates symptomatology for a while. An exception may be the case when a man before a nearness is afraid to fall into the mud face, Levitra will help uniquely. But you need to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction in other ways.

For me, Levitra became an analogue of Viagra, the last drug caused many side effects, too much pressure leaped. Levitra may have a headache for a while, but the erection is 100 points and 100 at all. I had a slow erection at one time, and then the duration of sexual acts disappeared. And since I’m already far beyond 50, sex is rare and the magic tablet comes to the rescue.

Doctor’s comments

Modern specialists in the field of urology and andrology appreciate such a drug as Levitra. Most often, doctors’ reviews speak about the effectiveness of tablets in the fight for a strong and persistent erection, even in cases of pronounced impotence. At the same time, physicians are strongly advised to undergo diagnostics before the beginning of therapy to reject all points of contraindications to such tablets.

Despite the fact that the drug has a mild effect, any contraindicated diseases can cause side effects. So, for example, the parallel reception of Levitra and preparations with nitrates in the composition can cause a sharp drop in pressure, up to the death of the patient. Doctors also advise men with digestive diseases to prefer Levitre ODT.

The doctors comments about Levitra and the contraindications to the use of this drug are described in detail in the instructions. In most cases levitra tablets have positive doctor’s comments about levitra recommendations not only from ordinary men and women, but also from specialists. Below you can find real feedback from specialists in urology and sexology.

Levitra: a real tip from the urologist-andrologist

Urologist-andrologist: Practice shows that a man who takes Levitra and takes into account a contraindication with side effects, can count on a prolonged sexual intercourse without misunderstanding.

Among the contraindications, I can distinguish only individual intolerance and severe problems with the heart, kidneys and blood vessels. For most healthy men, one tablet of levitra per day does not hurt. As a result of systematic use, blood circulation in the cavernous bodies of the genital organ improves, a permanent erection arises.

A big plus of the drug is a low price and the possibility of regular reception without the effect of habituation and the need to switch to stronger drugs.

A real tip from the urologist

In our clinic, we regularly offer patients original Levitra tablets that improve erectile function in men (by the way, often a woman applies for a drug for her husband, unfortunately, the representatives of the stronger sex rarely trust doctors).

Levitra tablets have many advantages: a small amount of contraindications, the ability to take from the age of 18 and the rapid onset of the effect (approximately 20 minutes after admission).

Of course, with severe erectile dysfunction, I, as an experienced physician with many years of experience, recommend more serious drugs, but with small violations Levitra brings a positive effect.

I warn all patients: there is a contraindication – you can not take the drug simultaneously with alcoholic beverages, otherwise there doctor’s comments about levitra is an adverse effect on the liver. In extreme cases, you can drink a glass of light wine, but no more.

Doctor-Sexologist about Levitra

A few years ago, we did not hear anything about the drug, after it went on sale, but there were no objective results of studies on its reception. However, today I can confidently recommend to my patients the reception of this stimulant potency.

The only restriction: if a man drives a car, I do not recommend taking Levitra on days when he is driving (this is not a contraindication, but a precautionary measure, as long as there is not enough information about the effect of the drug on the concentration of attention).

One tablet starts to act about 15 minutes after taking, I advise you to wash it down with plain water for a “cleaner” result. After this, you can achieve a real effect only on the condition of sexual arousal (this avoids embarrassing situations).

As a doctor, I also recommend that you undergo a full medical examination before taking the medication, especially if you have heart and kidney problems, and if you are prone to allergic reactions.

The recall of the sexologist about Levitra

Personally, I recommend taking only the original Levitra (many of my colleagues-doctors prescribe dietary supplements, but judging by the reviews, they have some side effects from them, rather than from the original).

Before using, carefully read the contraindications and instructions, do not look for the lowest prices, you should try to find a genuine drug from the manufacturer with certificates (in the reviews, many men complain of fakes, side effects, although there were no contraindications to admission).

I prescribe the drug to patients who have doctor’s comments about levitra problems in intimate life with women, as well as diseases of the reproductive system (in this case Levitra goes as an addition to the main course).

use of levitra tablets

Contraindications to taking Levitra

The main contraindication is the individual intolerance of the active substance. There are other contraindications:

  1. underage age;
  2. problems with the heart, liver and kidneys;
  3. a significant contraindication – the use of antiviral and psychotropic drugs;
  4. another contraindication is taking drugs with nitrates;
  5. Levitra is contraindicated in elderly patients (over 70 years);
  6. the doctor does not prescribe the drug for congenital deformities of the sexual organ (relative contraindication).